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Industrial furnace/High temperature sintering furn
Industrial furnace/High temperature sintering furnace/Steel & Iron acid pellet
We can supply Pengfei brand rotary kiln (titanium pigment kiln, sintering furnace, industrial furnace, kiln, acid pellet) made by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. whose specifications are Φ3.2×52m,Φ3.5×54m,Φ4.0×60m,Φ4.3×64m,Φ4.8×74m and Φ5.0×78m and used for 8000t/d, 5000t/d and 2500t/d new dry basis complete rotary kiln equipments. Pengfei brand rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcining cement clinker and it can be used widely for cement industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc. The rotary kiln is composed of the shell, the supporting device, the supporting device with thrust roller, the driving device, the movable kiln head, the sealing device at kiln tail, the combustion device, etc. It has the simple structure and reliable operation, at the same the production process of the rotary kiln can be controlled easily.
Through the technical renovations, the rotary kiln calcining system equipment made by Pengfei has adopted the advanced hydraulic thrust roller device, the high measuring precession plunger pump, the variable speed adjusted valve, the contact graphite block sealing device and the other national advanced technologies. In order to raise up automation degree, the industrial TV has been used at the kiln head for monitoring of kiln, the simulation phosphor screen has been used for display of process flow; the infrared scanning system has been adopted for calcining zone to directly reflect the burning conditions on the computer. With the use of these new of these new technologies, it is direct in vision, convenient in operation and reliable in use. Therefore, the thermal condition can be stabilized and the running rate of equipment can be raised. Compared to same sized equipment, its running rate has been raised 10% up, production has been increased 5-10% and heat consumption has been reduced 15% down.
规格(米) Specification(m) φ3.1/2.5×78 φ3×88 φ3×100 φ3.3×118 φ3.3×125 φ3.5×145 φ4×150
生产能力(吨/天) Capacity (t/d) 240 384 300 400 400 700 1000
窑体斜度(%) Slope of kiln shell (%) 3.5 3.5 4 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
支承数(个) No. of supporters 4 5 5 6 6 6 7
挡轮形式 Type of thrust roller

液压 Hydraulic 液压 Hydraulic 液压 Hydraulic 液压 Hydraulic


Rotary speed

of kiln

主传动(转/分) Main driving (r/min) 0.5-1.5 -1.74 -1.74 -1.45 -1.45 -1.38 -1.62
辅助传动(转/分) Auxiliary driving (r/min) 2.85 3.24 3.26 3.26 3.26 2.6 3.98
主传动 Main driving 电动
机 Motor
型号 Type ZSN-280-11 YSP315M-6 ZSN4-280-091B ZSN4-315-071 ZSN4-315-091 ZSN4-250-21B ZSN4-355-092
额定功率(千瓦) Rated power (kw) 90 90 110 125 160 90×2 280
调速范围(转/分) Speed regulation range (r/min) 20-270 1000 1000 -750 750 1000 240-750
额定电压(伏) Rated voltage (v) 440 380 440 440 440 440 440
器 Reducer
型号 type ZSY500-63 YSY1110-700 SZY560-特 SZY560- Special ZSY630-长系列 ZSY630- Long series ZSY630-长系列 ZSY630- Long series ZSY165-3-︱/‖特 ZSY165-3-︱/‖Special YSND60-VIBL特 YSND60-VIBL Special
总速比 Total speed ratio 64.327 71 71 80 80 64.3 63
传动 Auxiliary driving
机 Motor
型号 Type Y160L-6 Y160L-6 Y160L-6 Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y160M-6 Y180L-6
额定功率(千瓦) Rated power (kw) 11 11 11 15 15 7.5×2 15
额定转速(转/分) Roted rotary speed (r/min) 970 970 970 970 960 960 970
额定电压(伏) Rated voltage (v) 380 380 380 440 380 380 380
器 Reducer
型号 Type ZL50 ZL50-14-‖ ZL50-14特 ZL50-14-Special ZL60-14长系列 ZL60-14-Long series ZL60-14长系列 ZL60-14-Long series ZL42.5-14特 ZL42.5-14-Special ZL50-14特 ZL50-14-Special
总速比 Total speed ratio 64.327 31.16 31.16 31.16 31.16 30.53 31.5
总重(不包括耐火砖)(吨) Total weight(excluding refractory brick) (t) 370 390 530 840 918 916 1218
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