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Technical document of Y5074 rotary kiln
Technical document of Y5274 rotary kiln
Equipment name: Rotary kiln
Usage: Coalmining cement clinker of 6000t/d clinker production line
Specification: Φ5.2×78m(shell I.D×length)
Kiln support: 3
Inclination: 4%(sin)
Rotary speed of shell: Main driving: 0.4~4 r/min
                  Auxiliary driving: 0.146 r/min
Motor of main: ZSN4-450-12
             Model of main motor: 800 power
             Armature voltage: 660V
             Rotary speed: 1000 r/min
             Speed regulation range: 100~1000 r/min
Model of tachogenerator: ZYS-3A
             Model of main motor: 22 power
             Voltage: 110V
             Speed regulation range: 0~2000 r/min
Model of main reducer: JH900C-SW305-28
             Center distance: 1980mm
             Speed ratio: 26.646
Model of lubrication oil station: XYZ-160GZ
             Motor of oil pump: 7.5KW(2 units)
             Electric heating period: 24KW/220V
Auxiliary driving device:
             Motor model: Y280M-4
             Power: 90kw
             Voltage: 380V
             Rotary speed: 1480r/min
Model of reducer: ZSY400-35.5-Ⅰ
             Center distance: 880mm
             Speed ratio: 35.795
Electric hydraulic block brake:
             Quantity: 1 set
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