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Φ4.8×76m rotary kiln
Φ4.8×76m rotary kiln
1. Technical performance
Dry process precalcining kiln
Specification: Φ4.8×76m rotary kiln
Capacity: 5000t/d
Inclination: 4%
Rotary speed: Main driving 0.35-4 r/min;
           Auxiliary driving 8.52 r/h
No. of support: 3
Sealing type: Kiln head, steel sheet sealing;
           Kiln tail, cylinder compacting sealing
Cooling for kiln head: Air cooling
Type of thrust roller: Hydraulic thrust roller (with oil pump station for thrust roller)
Driving type: single driving
Main driving motor: ZSN4-400-092
Power: 630 kw, Rotary speed: 1500r/min, Rated voltage: 440v
Main reducer: JH710C-SW305-40
Cooling coil cooling, center distance 1570mm, Nominal speed ration 40
Auxiliary motor: Y225M-4  IP44   45kw
Auxiliary reducer: JH220C-SV302-31.5
2. Major components
Shell part
Driving device
Supporting device ( Supporting device with thrust roller )
Oil pump station for thrust roller
Sealing device for kiln head and kiln tail
Cooling air pipe
Special tools for rotary kiln,etc
Total weight of equipment:
841000+13000 ( special tools for rotary kiln ) =854000kg
2.1 Shell part
2.1.1 Shell
Thickness of steel plate for shell: 28-85
Total weight of shell is 368000kg, including 20g is 366750kg, and the other is Q235.
2.1.2 Shim plate
 The shim plate for the shell should adopt the more changeable structure type .
2.1.3 type
The type should adopt the rectangular and solid structure, its material is cast steel and it should normalizing treatsd
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