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Technical document of Φ4.3×70m rotary kiln
Technical document of Φ4.3×70m rotary kiln
Ⅰ. Technical parameter
   Equipment name: Rotary kiln
   Drawing number: Y4370-00
   Quantity: 1
   Production capacity:
   Specification: Φ4.3×70m
   Type: Single driving, single hydraulic roller
   No. of kiln pier: 3
   Inclination: 3.5%(sin)
   Rotary kiln: Main driving  0.2~1.3r.min
                      Auxiliary driving  6.2 r/h
  Rotary direction: the rotary direction of the kiln is anti clock wise seen 
                             form kiln head to kiln tail.
Ⅱ. Scope of supply
      The supply should provide the main machine and the auxiliary
equipment of the rotary kiln, except the refractory material and the
electrical control device
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