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Main technical performance of φ4.2×60m rotary kiln
Main technical performance of φ4.2×60m rotary kiln
   1. Production capacity: 2500t/d
    2. Rotary speed of main driving: 0.4-4r/min; Inclination: 4%
    3. Rotary speed of auxiliary driving: 7.93r/h
    4. Support number: 3
    5. Sealing type: Steel sheet sealing for kiln head;
              Kiln tail: sealing with cylinder compacting end face (The user can adopt the other type.).
    6. Cooling type for kiln head: Air cooling
    7. Driving type: Single driving
    8. Type of thrust roller: Hydraulic thrust roller
9. Model of main driving motor: ZSN4-355-12; Power 400kW; Rated rotary speed 1000r/min; Armature voltage 440V; Exciting voltage 180V; Speed adjustable range 100-1000r/min.
10. Tachogenerator ZYS-100A; Power 8W; Max. working rotary speed 1000r/min; Max. operating voltage 100V; Max. load current 80mA
    11. Main reducer:
        Model: YNS1400-31.5VIBL   I=31.5
    12Auxiliary driving motor:
        Model: Y200L-4; Power 30kW; Rated rotary speed: 1470r/min; Rated voltage: 380V
    13. Auxiliary driving reducer:
        Model: YNS497-45IL  I=45
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