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M42130 Cement mill Technical performance

M42130 Cement mill Technical performance
Ⅰ. Technical performance
1.      Usage : Grinding cement by the method of closed circuit with roller press.
2.      Specification: Φ4.2×13m, single chamber
3.      Feeding fineness: 1700-2200 cm2/g
4.      Production capacity: 150t/h (Fineness of finished peoducts:3400 cm2/g )
5.      Driving method: Center driving
6.      Supporting method: Double sliding shoe
7.      Rotary speed: 16±0.1 r/min
8.      Charging capacity of grinding medium: 215t
9.      Lubricating device for sliding shoe bearing:
         Quantity: 2 set,   Model: NC-63S,
High & Low pressure thin oil station: including
High pressure pump: 2 Unit,   Flow: 2.5 L/min,
Pressure: 32Mpa,    Low pressure pump: 2 Unit
Flow: 63 L/min,     Pressure: 0.63Mpa
10.  Installed power: 3350 kw, output rotary speed of main motor: 740 r/min, 
     output rotary speed of main reducer: 16±0.1r/min
Scope of supply:
The seller should provide complete set of mill main machine and auxiliary equipment,
excluding the motor, the reducer and the grinding medium.
1. Mill shell                                    1set/Unit
2. Bolts connecting lining boards with shell, bolts connecting end lining boards with
shell, bolts connecting the grate plates in the mill with the shell and bolts connecting
blind plates with shell ( Including the connecting bolts between the discharging
grate plates and the end covers )              1 set/Unit
3. Feeding device                                        1set/Unit
4. Discharging device                                   1set/Unit
5. Sliding shoe bearing (with cooling water device)        2set/unit
1. Sphere seat
2. Supporting bush
3. Bottom plate
4. Convex and concave sphere
5.  Lubricating oil station for sliding shoe bearing (Including:
     High & Low pressure oil supply)          2set/Unit
6.  Temperature measuring device for main bearing (Pt 100)
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