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Φ4.6×( 10+3.5 )m Middle discharging raw mill
Φ4.6×( 10+3.5 )m Middle discharging raw mill
( Center driving )
. Technical performance ( Drawing number: NCM88 )
1.      Specification: Φ4.6×( 10+3.5)m
 ( Grinding chamber + Drying chamber )
2.      Grinding method: closed circuit middle discharging raw mill
3.      Production capacity: 190t/h ( Fineness of finished product:
12-14% residue from 80μm screen)
   4. Feeding material:   Fineness: ≤25mm ( 85% passed ),
                      Moisture: ≤5%
   5. Feeding air temperature: 350℃
   6. Dis charging material moisture: ≤1%
   7. Rotary speed: 15.1 r/min
   8. charging capacity of grinding medium: 180t ( max: 189t )
   9. Main motor:   YRKK1000-8,   Rated power: 3550kw,
Rated rotary speed: 745 r/min
Rated voltage: 6kv
   10. Main reducer: MFY355A
      Transmitted power: 3550kw,  Roted rotary speed: 745r/min,
      Output rotary speed: 15.1r/min, Lubricating device: XYZ400GZ
11. Slow driving device: MJB710
12. Thin oil station for lubricating sliding shoe bearing:
   Model: NC-63S High & Low pressure thin oil station
   Quantity: 2Pcs
   Main parameter:
   High pressure pump: Y110L1-4, Power: 2.2×2kw, 2.5L/min, 32Mpa
       Low pressure pump: Y112M-6, Power: 2.2×2kw, 63L/min
     13. Cooling water consumption for sliding shoe bearing: 2×3.5m3/h
     14. Weight of equipment: 304t ( excluding motor, reducer and grinding medium )
. Weight of parts and scope of supply
1.      Feeding device ( Including support ): 4930kg
2.      Sliding shoe bearing ( 2 sets ):   Total weight:  27600kg
Supporting bushing body: ZG270-500        3920kg
Babbitt alloy ZSnSb11Cu6                           340kg
Convex and concave sphere  34CrNi2MoA  720kg
Sphere seat ZG310-570                               3980kg
Bottom plate Q235-B  Thickness: 85mm     6120kg
Supporting roller 45                                      3680kg
3.      Rotary part                                           24400kg
Shell                                                            103000kg
Max overall size of shell: Φ4990 (Max.OD ) ×13505 ( Total length)mm
        Mainly including
        Steel plate for shell Q235-C  38520kg; Thickness: 84  19800kg
        Sliding ring of sliding shoe 20g-Z25, Thickness: 95      19420kg
        Web plate of sliding ring 20g; Thickness: 90                18530kg
        Shell of drying chamber Q235-C; Thickness: 22            8840kg
        Wear resistant casting ZG42Cr2MnSi2MoRe ( ak≥49J/cm2;  51-57HRC )         86300kg
        ZG230-450                                                                       5700kg
        ZG340-640                                                                       4050kg
     4. Discharging cover                                                            5260kg
     5. Materials returning device                                               16500kg
     6. Lubricating system for sliding shoe bearing ( 2sets )      3980kg
     7. Main motor YRKK1000-8 ( Jiangxi Motor Plant )
       Rated rotary speed: 745r/min;    Rated power: 3550kw;
Rated voltage: 6kv;   Weight: 31000kg
     8. Base of main motor
       Weight of weld assembly: 1460kg
     9. Lubricating device for main motor ( purchased otherwise )
        Model: XYZ-16
     10. Reducer MFY355A ( Nanjing High-speed Gearbox plant )
        Transmitted power: 3550kw,  Rated rotary speed: 745r/min;
        Output rotary speed: 15.1 r/min,  Lubricating device:XYZ400GE
      11. Slow driving device: MJB710  45kw   Speed ration: 193.3
         Weight: 5000kg
       12. Diaphragm coupling
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