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Φ4.2×13m Cement mill

1.      Driving method: Center driving
2.      Production method: Closed Circuit
3.      Production capacity: 75-80 t/h (Feeding size of clinker: ≤25mm,synthetical moisture:≤0.5%, Feeding temperature: ≤50 ℃, )
Wind speed in the mill: ≥0.5 m/s,
Fineness of finished products: 300-350 m2/kg.)
4.      rotary speed of mill: 16.3r/min
5.      Effective volume of mill: 143m3
6.      Charging capacity of mill ball: 191t
7.      cooling water consumption for main bearing: 2×2 t/h
8.      Thin oil station ( Equipping main bearing )
①        Model: XGD-A2.5/140
②        Cooling water consumption: 2.4m3/h
③        High-pressure oil pump: Flow: 2.5L/min   Pressure: 32Mpa
                       Motor: Y112M-6  Power: 2.2kw
④        Low-pressure oil pump: Flow: 40L/min   Pressure: 0.6Mpa
                      Motor: Y100L-4   Power: 3kw
⑤        Electric heater: SRY2-220/4  Power:3×4kw
⑥        Control box of thin oil station connecting with DCS commuication
9.      Model of main motor: YRKK900-8  Power: 2800kw
                     Rotary speed: 745 r/min    Voltage: 10kv
                     Protection degree: IP44
                     Model of oil station: XRZ-10
                     Cooling water consumption: 0.6m3/h
                     Flow : 10L/min     Pressure:0.4Mpa
                     Motor: Y801-4B    Power: 0.55kw
                     Power of electric heater: 2kw
10.  Main reducer JS140-A ( Sichuan Gearbox Plant )
       Transmitted power: 2800kw       Input rotary speed: 740r/min 
       Output rotary speed: 16.3r/min
11.  Model of slow-speed driving device: JMS660
     Motor power: 37kw   Rotary speed of motor: 740r/min
12.  oil station ( Equipment main reducer )
①        Nominal floe: 350L/min
②        Model of oil pump: XBZ-350
③        Motor power: 11kw
④        Rotary speed of motor : 1460 r/min
⑤        Cooling area: 20m3
⑥        Cooling water consumption : 32t/h
⑦        Power of heater: 4×6=24kw
12. Temperature measuring device for sliding shoe: End face thermal resistance WZPM-201
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